Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Free eBook

To my lovely reader friends,

I have finally finished my very first eBook, The One Who Knows Me: Inspiration for Personal Prayer.  It's written especially for Christian/Christ-seeking women. 

Subjects I cover include praying in the morning, afternoon, and night, praises, praying in church, praying in the natural world, and how to overcome certain prayer obstacles.  My sources for writing this book are first, the Holy Bible, then personal experience, and then, books by other Christian writers, both past and present.

The book's title is a variation of the Hebrew name for God, "El Roi," which translates in English as "the one who sees." 

To download your free copy, click the book cover above.
It is currently available as an ePub file. 
Follow the link, http://www.adobe.com/products/digitaleditions/ to download Adobe Digital Editions, a free software that reads ePub files. 
It can also be read on eBook readers that support ePub files, such as the iPad, iPod Touch, iPhone, Nook, Sony Reader, and so on.

An excerpt from The One Who Knows Me:
"In our souls, God plants spiritual seeds that have the potential to flourish into spiritual fruits. When we pray, we water these seeds and give them the nutrients they need to form and ripen. The Holy Spirit gives us these fruits: love, peace, joy, patience, long-suffering, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control.

We can ask for these qualities through conversation with the holy one. God will listen to our prayer and sometimes he will place us into trials in our lives that will help these fruits ripen in us. Other times, we will find ourselves gliding through our lives with ease because of God's generosity and grace, and not so much by our own merit or achievement.
Simply by asking God for these fruits, we may find ourselves more patient with others. We may notice a certain joy bubbling up inside us and we cannot help but smile. We may also find ourselves more confident and not desiring to defend ourselves from insults. When we pray for qualities we'd like, it helps to remember our ideal: Jesus."



  1. Congrats on your e-book Jade!

  2. Beautiful. Congrats on your ebook. May it be inspiration to others. I don't even have an ereader right now. I hope those who need it, find it.

  3. god's not real

  4. Woooow! That is so cool! Congratulations. I don't know if I have the proper tools on my computer to read it but I shall certainly try. :)

  5. Oh Jade, what a beautiful gift for us - thank you! I can't wait to read it, I love your reflections!!!

  6. aw! congrats on the e-book, Jade!♥

  7. Thanks ab, Mary, Andie, Melee, and Haze! It feels good to be finished. Your support has been encouraging. :) :)

  8. I like your review. And wow, you've changed the look of your blog. For a moment I thought I'd gone to the wrong place. But it's still beautiful, just like your words.

  9. Thanks, Angela, glad you like the new theme.

  10. Congratulations on publishing your poems. It will be a blessing for many I am sure.

  11. Thanks, the book actually isn't a poetry collection, but is written in prose. It's about prayer. :)

  12. What a wonderful endeavor! Thank you for posting this free e-book. Blessings!

    Let me try this again. I had signed with the wrong link.

    The Write Soil

  13. I tried to comment on the "peace" post above this one but only an "error" page appears in the comment box...thanks for writing about "peace". Great post!
    I look forward to downloading your e-book. Congratulations on its completion and thanks for sharing!

  14. So sad...the e-book file would not open on my computer. It said that Windows can not recognize the file because it is either not supported or is corrupt:( Oh well, I'm sure it's a very good book:)

  15. Jade this is wonderful! I just downloaded it. I don't have the software to read it yet, but I'm bugging hubby for an iPad type thing that I believe will read an epub file. This will be the first book I read on it! But if it takes hubby too long, I'll download the adobe software.

    How exciting this must be for you! And how incredibly generous of you to share it with all of us. If it is anything like your blog, I know I will love reading it.

    The new look is just as peaceful calming and beautiful as the last. I like it very much!

  16. Thanks, Dawn!:)

    Judy, I'm not sure why but a couple of times this past week I was told that my comment box wasn't working. Hopefully it is fixed now. As for the eBook, Adobe Digital Editions is a free software that reads ePub files. :)

    Brianna, Glad you like the new look of my blog...I still have some ideas in mind for it. And I hope you enjoy my book, thanks for downloading it!